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Spitfire EP

My new EP, entitled "Spitfire" is now available on Spotify and Apple Music and will soon be accessible on all other major streaming services and stores.

Spitfire, the title track, was first inspired by the Fridays for Future movement but can be interpreted as an ode to the underdog in general. It's the kind of rock song that I love to sing and play, with a laid back groove, a big pounding bass line and loud guitars.

It's Alright is a little workout for my recently acquired Danelectro 12-string guitar, an instrument which has already featured on the "Better Things" single. The lyrics are just about how not everything is all doom and gloom and that we shouldn't feel bad about feeling good every once in a while. It kind of falls in the vein of a recent line of optimistic songs, which started with "Light Of My Day". It's weird that confinement seems to bring out that side of me.

Faraway is more of a reflection and is the odd one out of this bunch of songs. Musically and lyrically, it draws its inspiration from Americana, a spaced out jam about a road trip through the wide open spaces. I got the courage to attempt the deep, deep (like, really deep) lead vocals from listening to Orville Peck, one of my great discoveries this past year. I'm pretty sure that nothing in my catalogue so far sounds like this song. What I also like about this genre is that I get to play some old fashioned lead guitar, which is always fun! 🤩

The Worst In Me is one of those songs that come out almost complete in mere minutes as a reaction to a life experience. My wife had an extremely difficult year in a job where she was bullied and mobbed by her supervisor and her colleagues, which has obliviously affected all of us in the family. There was so much anger building up inside of me at the injustice of the whole thing. I needed an outlet, and this little punk rock song was that. Multitracked, chugging rhythm guitars and a pounding drum beat are the best side dishes to a burst of rage.

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