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I have lots of recordings left over from the last year, Chess is one of these. I feel like I have to clear my attic before I move on.

The words to Chess are pretty self-explanatory, I guess. As is the insecurity that they are coming from. But I need to warn you: in this song, I was playing around a bit carelessly with the personification of the seemingly random nature of things. Although we have a dire need for this illusion, it helps to remind myself that I am actually staring into a void when I'm having a face to face conversation with it. So I hope you won't be fooled either.

Chess was one of the first songs on which my Moog Grandmother synth had an extensive influence. It was written around the sequence that runs through most of the song and I used the keys a lot to add texture. I also used a lot of reverb to drive the point home, which may or may not be to your liking. Personally, I love reverb. If I had my way, all music would sound as if it was played in the main hall of a stone church building.

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