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Home Alone

I record my music in a little studio I set up in my house. It's my little playroom where everything's waiting for me all set up and ready to go at the flick of a switch. Whenever I have a song, I can go straight in and lay down the basic tracks, work out the arrangement and mix the results.

Recording by myself has its ups and downs. I can work at my own pace, there are no egos to contend with and I have complete control over the results. On the other hand, I can only rely on the little I know about the technical aspects and hope that whatever solutions I come up with will be up to scratch. And I'm sure that sometimes I could benefit from a kick in the butt from someone else to get things done more efficiently or in a smarter way.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful to be living in a time when so many resources are just a click away. There's an endless supply of tips and tutorials on YouTube that cover everything from EQ, compression, reverb, mics, mic placement, etc. Recordingrevolution is a great source for that sort of thing. On the creative side, Rick Beato's channel has lots of thought inducing content about theory and little tricks you can apply to spice up your songs. But there are tons of others in various languages that you can find if you type "home recording" into the search bar.

I'm also lucky that I don't need to have several thousand euros' worth of equipment to end up with a decent sounding track. The plug-ins and effects available today do a pretty good job for a fraction of the cost of hardware, and sometimes even free of charge. Granted, it's far less romantic to use software and I'm sure they don't capture all the intricacies and cool quirks of the machines that they emulate. However, they are getting closer all the time, and save a huge amount of space, energy and money in the process.

That doesn't mean that I wouldn't trade what I have for a professional studio with a trained sound engineer, I can only ever hope to get close to the quality these can deliver. But at least I can produce something that sounds adequate to the average listener.

A stack of Fenders

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