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I finished writing and recording Photograph last summer, The lyrics were inspired by a bunch of old family photos I have laying around in a drawer at home, that I sometimes sift through. Sometimes, you feel amazed by the simplest of things: how these images connect you to impressions, emotions you once had, and the distance between those moments, immortalized on a sheet of chemically treated paper, and the present.

But just few days later, my world was turned upside down as news came that my mother had suffered a severe stroke. The following eight months of my life revolved around trying to find the best possible care for her, frequently shuttling back and forth between Luxembourg and Budapest to visit her, meet with doctors, talk to family and friends to see where they could help, clinging to the hope that she will find the strength to recover from the serious case of aphasia she suffered from as a consequence. And then, after a failed attempt at rehabilitation, trying to cope with the despair as it slowly became evident that her condition was not going to improve.

I last saw her on her hospital bed with my daughter, her beloved, long awaited grandchild on my arm. I had an ominous feeling that this might be our last goodbye... 5 days later, I received the dreaded phone call from my aunt. Mom passed away from pneumonia at 3PM on April 26, 2019.

The person who was closest to me throughout my life had left for the realm of these faded pictures of family trips, birthday celebrations and miscellaneous gatherings. Everyday since she was stricken, I strove not to forget her voice, her smile, her laughter. But now that she's no longer here, we are inevitably drifting apart.

As I listen to Photograph now, I can't help but feel that the song will forever remain tied to her memory in my mind, as the relentless winds of time blow me ever farther from her.

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